It's always been about the Moments for me. When I was little, I was gypsying around the world with my parents. When I was less little, I was a successful child actor in Hollywood. It was all very exotic. My little sister, Soleil Moon Frye, joined me in front of the lens and she quickly became the darling of the 80's.

I eventually left acting to study literature and returned to Hollywood with an eye for storytelling. My sister and I directed a movie together. I gave in completely to the power of image making. I called on our milieu of famous friends to begin my portfolio and wove them into my varied projects. The celebrity work expanded into the music industry and eventually into advertising. I've shot album covers for Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, AKON, and Rihanna and ad campaigns for the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh Eyewear, Lee Jeans, HTC, Jim Beam, Rolling Stone Magazine and Beats by Dre.

I also work closely with politicians, unions and all manner of real work-a-day folk to create an honest, salt of the earth story telling medium that gets their messages out into the common ether.

All the while my wife/collaborator, Ilse, and I travel the world with our CHICKS, Bindi & Mette. They are our muses and in all the cool places we go we create great stories starring them. We also travel and work closely with my sister and her children to make all manner of filmed fun and adventure.

The composite picture I’m always taking is a life rich in images and films and memories. The Moments. We range from our far flung overseas adventures back to our LA urban-homestead called Skyfarm which sits at the end of a dirt road overlooking downtown with our goats, geese, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, bees, gardens, trees and a giant tortoise, a little tortoise and pig we found at the pound named Trudy.

I shoot the big and the small, luminaries and lovelies all; I am always shooting, and it's never more complicated than the Moments.